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wp-championship Quickreference english

wp-championship Quickreference english

This post gives a brief and quick introduction about wp-championship, a WordPress plugin for playing a guessing game originally developed for soccer tournaments and leagues.
Currently the wp-championship Quickreference describes version 3.9 of wp-championship.

Since I am not a native speaker and wp-championship has some special features for german soccer leagues I hope this wp-championship Quickreference is not too wired for you. Please do not hesitate to contact me via mail, if you have any concerns or if something is not clear in the following guide how to use it.

0. Installation

You can download the current release of wp-championship at https://www.tuxlog.de/wordpress/2010/wp-championship-v1-5-fur-die-wm2010/ or http://www.wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-championship.

To install wp-championship you can either install it via the WordPress backend plugin dialog or download the zip-file and extract to your plugins folder (regulary wp-content/plugins). After that activate the plugin via the WordPress backend plugin dialog.

You will find different SQL-files in the directory sql which contain ready to play leagues and tournaments like the german Bundesliga 2013/2014 or the soccer world championship 2010. You can import these files using e.g. phpMyAdmin. Please backup your WordPress installation before just in case something goes wrong and you have to restore your previous data.

Now we can integrate the guessing game into the website using different shortcodes. You can add the shortcodes in any post or page.
Adding [cs-usertipp] to a post will show the tip-form. You can add statistics using [cs-userstats] somewhere. Since version 2.7 there are additional statistics which can be added using [cs-stats1], [cs-stats2], [cs-stats3], [cs-stats4], [cs-stats5], [cs-stats6] and [cs-stats7] in any post or page.

1. Administration

All the settings are entered at the WordPress admindialog entry Guessing game. Below you will find the following pages to maintain the plugins settings:

1.1 General Settings (submenu Guessing game)

You can maintain your general settings here.
wp-championship supports preliminaries and finals. During the preliminaries the teams are divided into n groups playing against each other. The first m teams of every group qualify for the finals.

Option: Number of groups in preliminary; Values: 1-12; Defines the number of groups during the preliminaries. Default: 6

Option: Points for the match winner, Value: integer numeric, Default: 3

Option: Points for the match looser, Value: integer numeric, Default: 0

Option: Points for deuce , Value: integer numeric, Default: 1

Option: Number of teams per group qualifying for the finals, Value: integer numeric, Default: 2

Option: Points for exact tip, Value: integer numeric, Default:5

Option: Points for correct tendency, Value: integer numeric, Default:1

Option: Points for correct tendency and goal difference, Value: integer numeric, Default:3

Option: Point for the correct championship winner, Value: integer numeric, Default:10

Push button: Recalculate point and standings?: Does a recalculation of all points and classifications, when you activate the checkbox and click the push button.

Push button: Send emails once: Sends all tip-reminders via email to the players once, when you activate the checkbox and click the push button.

Push button: Delete all tips?: Deletes all entered tips, when you activate the checkbox and click the push button.

Push button: Delete all results?: Deletes all entered match results, when you activate the checkbox and click the push button. This also removes all manually entered classification for the preliminaries.

Push button: Remove all wp-championship tables from database?: Removes all database tables of wp-championship, when you activate the checkbox and click the push button. ATTENTION: This will delete all data which are related with the wp-championship plugin.

Option: Deactivate substitute feature: Deactivates the possibility being a substitute for another player in the guessing game

Option: Tournament mode : Can be switched between normal, which means tournament mode and Bundesliga which means league mode. The normal mode classifies the teams using points, goal-difference, number of goals. The league mode uses points, goal-difference, direct match compare.

Option: Reminder mailservice: If activated sends every player who forget to enter their tip in time a reminder mail. This will be triggered via your website views. Thus it is only triggered if your website is viewed at least once in the given time period.

Option: Hours till matchstart (tip-reminder): This is the time-period for the previous option, entered in hours. E.g. entering 12 hours, will send a reminder mail to every player who hasn’t entered a tip for all matches starting in 12 hours or less.

Option: Activate floating link: Will add a floating „Back to Top“ at the left side of the tip form.

Option: Point for oneside tip, Value: integer numeric, Default:0; Defines the number of points a player gets, when guessing one side of the tip correct.

Option: Onesidetip only strikes with tendency, Value: boolean, Default:false; If activated the previous option only strikes if the tendency is guessed correctly too.

Option: Threshold for sum of goals, Value: integer, numeric, Default: -1; Defines the minimum number of goals in a match to make the threshold tip strike. Using the threshold-tip means your a guessing the number of goals in a match. If you enter a value greater or equal 0 a new column is displayed in the tip form „Sum goals“. Every player can add his guess for the number of goals in a match there. The tip will be only accepted if it is greater or equal the value entered for „Threshold for sum of goals“.

Option: no separate goal tip, Value: boolean, Default: false; If activated, the column „Sum goals“ is not displayed in the tip form. The guessed number of goals is calculated from the match-tipp (e.g. if your tip is 3:4 the guessed sum of goals would be automatically calculated to 7).

Option: Points for sum of goals is greater than threshold, Value: integer, numeric, Default: 0; Defines the number of points a player gets for a successful threshold tip.

Option: Recalculate trend, Value: boolean, Default: false; If activated shows if the player has improved or degraded in the classification.

Option: Lock preliminary tips, Value: boolean, Default: false; If activated locks the preliminaries. This is useful, if you want to finish the tips for the preliminaries at a certain point in time.

Option: Add new users automatically, Value: boolean, Default: false; If activated adds new WordPress users automatically to the guessing game.

Option: Activate XMLRPC extension, Value: boolean, Default: false; If activated, opens the XMLRPC extension to get current stats via XMLRPC.

Option: Show tips of all players, Value: boolean, Default: false; If activated, it is possible to fetch the tips of all players via XMLRPC and not only the own tips.

Option: Use shortname, Value: boolean, Default: false; If activated only uses shortnames via XMLRPC (e.g. because the full names of a team are too long for displaying on a smartphone).

Option: News to show via XMLRPC, Value: text, Default: leer; is used to send hints via XMLRPC. This text can be HTML and can be obtained via XMLRPC.

Option: Show tip-hints in tip-form, Value: boolean, Default: false; If activated, the current preliminary-classification of the group is displayed when hovering of the group-id. Hovering over the team name a list of all matches of this team is displayed.

1.2 Maintain the teams (submenu Teams)

On this page you can maintain the teams attending the tournament or league. For each team you can enter the name, shortname, a symbol or icon and the group. The field „qualified“ can be used to manually define the qualified teams of a group. It is recommended to enter this field for all members of a group to avoid calculating sideeffects on the classification. The shortname is uses in statistic reports to achieve a more clear presentation of th results. Additionally you can enter a correction for the points, e.g. in case of penalties (positive or negative).

1.3 Maintain the preliminary matches (submenu preliminery)

This page lets you maintain the preliminary matches. You have to enter the following information aabout each match: Team 1 (select from list), Team 2 (select from list), Location (string), Date and time the match starts. Date and time must be entered like YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm. E.g. 2008-06-07 18:00 stands for 7th of June 2008, 6 pm. The field matchday is only relevant for the league mode and allows to display matches grouped by matchday in the tip form. This is useful if a matchday is divided of several calendar days.

1.4 Maintain the finals matches (submenu Finals) This dialog ss very similar to the preliminary dialog and maintains the finals. To select the teams there you can either select group and rank of a team or you can select the winner or looser of a final match with a certain id. Regular the first part of the finals will be selected via group and rank the rest will be selected via winner,looser,match id.

1.5 Maintain the players (submenu Player)

This dialog lets you maintain all settings for the players of your guessing game. It is possible to add, modify or delete players. For every player you can set if he is attending the mailservice or the mailconfirmation service, if he is an admin for the guessing game or if he substitutes somebody else and of course the champion tip for a tournament. This parameters can With the exception of the admin parameter, these settings can be changed by every player himself via the tip form.

Since version 2.9 the is a new field „tipgroup“, which groups the players to kind of prediction-teams. This can be used to get statistics per tipgroup. Just add a parameter to the stats shortcodes, e.g. [cs-userstats tippgroup=”Girls”] oder [cs-stats5 tippgroup=”Boys”].

1.6 Admin-statistics (submenu Stats)

This page displays just a few stats for the admin. You can see the total number of games, how many games are in the preliminaries, how man games are in the finals, how many matches are finished. Additionally the current player classification is displayed.

1.7 Maintain all the labels (submenu Labels) This dialog lets you change all labels of the tables for the tip form and the stats. You can change the label for each column or hide the column from the table. For sortable tables you can enter the column the table si sorted by default.

2 Player-Dialog

2.1 Tip-form

The tip form is used to enter the tips of the players and lets the admin enter the results of the matches. Furthermore it shows the points a player got for its tip and the results of the matches completed. You can modify your tips until a match starts. You can also switch to substitute another player if your are defined for substitution. Some additional informations e.g. you ranking are displayed at the beginning. You can sort the tip table by clicking on the column headers of the table. The tip form can be uses in any post or page using the shortcode [cs-usertipp].

2.2 Statistics

The statistic shortcode presents the current classification of the players, the classification for groups and the current standings for the finals. You can open or close the tables for the groups and the finals. You can add this to any post or page using the shortcode [cs-userstats]

since version 2.7. there are some more stats. You can add them using the shortcodes [cs-stats1], [cs-stats2], [cs-stats3] … [cs-stats7] to any post or page.
[cs-stats1] Player and points per matchday
[cs-stats2] Pie chart and tip distribution
[cs-stats3] Tip frequency per player
[cs-stats4] Player tips
[cs-stats5] matchday overview
[cs-stats6] List of all matches for a certain team
[cs-stats7] Tipper of the month report

2.3 Classification Widget

Since v2.9 there is a classification widget you can add to your sidebars via the widget dialog. The widget shows the current player classification and has the following options:

wp-championship widget optionsIf you find any errors in the wp-championship Quickreference, please leave me a comment or send me a mail.

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